MCCOYS improves the lives of families through quality prevention and intervention services


CARS programming consists of outpatient behavioral health services driven by OJA referral that addresses the needs of youth who have committed law violations and are involved with the legal system. Services are provided with the goal of supporting the recovery or stabilization of the individual served, reducing symptoms, restoring function and preventing additional functional impairment. Home-based services are available within the program on an individual basis and upon needs of the person and/or families served.

DRUG COURT PROGRAM (Adult & Juvenile)

Drug Court Program is a court-supervised, comprehensive treatment program for non-violent defendants with alcohol and other drug problems. This is a voluntary program which includes regular court appearances before a designated Drug Court Judge and treatment which includes drug testing, individual & group counseling, and regular attendance to 12-step meetings (Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, etc.). The Drug Court Program is a combined effort of the Court, District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, Court Administration, Police and Sheriff’s Departments, Probation, Health Care and Substance Abuse Providers.


The First Offender Program targets first time juvenile offenders. The program lasts 4 weeks and covers several topics including: drugs/alcohol, anger management and conflict resolution. Parents attend with youth 2 out of 4 sessions. Referral sources: Juvenile Services, Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Municipal and District Judges, District Attorney’s Office.


Alternative education is provided for youth not able to maintain in regular school. M.A.A.S. serves the 6 Co-op School Districts in Muskogee and Wagoner Counties.


Full and part time Mental Health Professionals and Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialists provide extensive individual, family, group and rehabilitative treatment services. Counseling services are provided to enhance family living skills, social skills and adaptable coping skills. Home-based services are available within this program. Referral Sources: JSU, DHS, Schools, Parents and Families.

Core Services include:

Screening, intake & referral services
Emergency service
Outpatient therapy services


Counselors provide services to families and/or individual youth. This program targets younger children and youth at risk of entering the juvenile justice system. Services currently being provided: counseling, tutoring in area public schools, anger management groups, nicotine smoking cessation groups, parenting skills, group counseling and socialization activities.


Foster Care/Host Homes are short-term holding places for youth who are runaways, have parent-child conflicts or are waiting for court hearings. The Foster Care/Host Homes are open 24 hours a day.


The Substance Abuse Services Program provides a variety of counseling and education services as well as evaluations and assessments focusing on alcohol or drug issues. The Substance Abuse Services Program also provides ADSAC/DUI Services. Referral Sources: Families, Schools, Courts, OJA, DHS, DPS and other agencies. The Substance Abuse Services Program is certified by the Department of Mental health and Substance Abuse Services (DMHSAS)


MCCOYS Home for Boys is a 16 bed residential, Level E treatment program contracted by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to provide intensive treatment in a highly structured residential setting to adolescent boys who are victims of abuse and neglect, and who have been previously unable to address. The program is designed to help our residents overcome their past trauma and re-integrate back into the community as successful, self-empowered young men.

MCCOYS is focused on serving our community regardless of sex, race, color, creed, sexual orientation, belief and/or national origin. Being a community-based provider means we focus on the needs of our communities first, not necessarily that of the state or federal entities. Preference will be given to pregnant, IV using women, and IV drug using individuals.